Since 2016, we have worked with hundreds of clients in the Chicago area and nationwide, to capture life’s important moments. From galas and weddings to interior design and backyard family photos, there’s nothing we love more than meeting our clients’ vision for quality photography.

Our Mission

We love people who love: themselves, their partners, and their families. Our goal is create breathtaking and honest photographs of the milestone moments in our clients’ lives. We specialize in weddings, family portraits, and boudoir photography appealing to our documentary-storytelling style. We aim to be as unnoticeable as possible, capturing the beauty of small day-to-day interactions, making you and the people that you love the main characters of your life story.



Photographically, we specialize in a documentary-style approach. That means we avoid stiff, stuffy poses, and focus more on the raw emotion of the moment. In our experience, many beautiful images show up at the exact moment when people are unaware, revealing their most honest and loving expressions towards themselves and their loved ones. That is why whenever we can, we approach our photography from a candid perspective. But we don’t stop there. Photography is the art of drawing with light, and that is why we celebrate it in all its forms: sunlight, candles, lamps, flashes, LED, etc. We get so excited using the best lighting for a scene and creating a classy, modeled portrait that will show the best of you.

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.
— Robert Frank


Hey there- we’re happy you stopped by!

We’re Claudio & Nicole- a happily married couple, partners in crime, and (hopefully) your future photographers! We are currently living in Chicago, Illinois and we’re obsessed with three things: photography, food and our dog, Marcy. Wait, make that four. We really like traveling too.

Claudio was born and raised in Chile, while Nicole grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago. After living together for three years in Santiago and Iquique, we decided to give things a try stateside. We love Chicago and find so much inspiration from the people and places of the Windy City.

So why photography? Claudio is a trained psychologist and worked as a school counselor for many years. Photography was his hobby and when he won a photo contest in his hometown he realized he might actually be pretty good at it. He’s been shooting people and places that inspire him ever since. For Nicole it was more of an accident. She always liked taking photos of her travels, and prided herself on the fact that she had taken many of her friends’ and family members’ profile pictures (millennial much?). When we got married in 2016, working together to begin a business through an art form we both love seemed to make sense. Claudio is the free-flowing artist; Nicole is the type-A organizer reminding him to respond to your email. So here we are, talking to you.. or just ourselves? Does anybody ever get this far?

Anyway, we can’t wait to get to know you!